Cloud Computing use increasing in local government

A recent survey by Eduserv has found that 71% of local councils across the UK are using some form of cloud computing, with 57.5% adopting cloud in the past 5 years.

Perhaps surprisingly, cloud applications were the most popular in use, with 37% of local authorities using some form of SaaS, with cloud hosting at 17% and arguably the most consumer friendly form of cloud – storage – in third with only around 12.5%.

As local government is often dealing with sensitive and personal data, the low amount of uptake compared to the average consumer, is perhaps explained in this way. Compliance and data security are key for local governments, as the percieved risk of losing data or not securing it properly is a concern.

However, this means that 29% of local councils use no form of cloud computing – which at a time where cost-efficiency is of extreme importance, seems to be an opportunity missed.

With the GCloud program increasing awareness and simplifying the process for buying cloud services from vendors, it is likely that adoption and breadth of cloud services usage will increase over the next few years for local government.

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