Cloud storage provider shutting down

In an article titled ‘The Dark Side of the Cloud‘, Wired review the recent story that a cloud storage provider, Nirvanix, have given their customers two weeks to remove their data from the servers before they close down.

Nirvanix have allegedly had some problems behind the scenes, but with generous VC funding and a partnership with IBM, customers will be shocked at the short space of time they have to move their data to other cloud services.

This episode is an unfortunate reminder of the risk of smaller cloud service providers, in a highly competitive market where start-up cloud storage providers are directly competing with enterprise level service providers on price and quality.

Consumers may be able to move a few GBs relatively easily between services, but if your business relies on cloud storage and has hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes of data, we recommend using an enterprise customer with a solid SLA and infrastructure.

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