Exclusive Creative Cloud updates

Adobe has announced that that the new ‘CC’ verisons of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Premiere Pro – the bread and butter of the Creative Suite – will only be available through Adobe Creative Cloud, and not as standalone products.

Whilst older versions of Adobe Creative Suite will continue to be sold, the only way of getting your hands on the new versions is by subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud.

For power users and professionals who demand the latest features, then Creative Cloud is an obvious choice for them. For other users, Adobe are offering between a 40-60% discount to upgrade from older versions of Creative Suite.

Whilst there has been some inevitable backlash from moving to a subscription model for future versions of Creative Suite products, with the additional features of cloud storage and social integration built into the subscription, Adobe think that they can persuade users to make the switch.

With Adobe throwing their weight behind Creative Cloud, now is the time to profile your new and existing customers – look out for our new assessment for Adobe Creative Cloud, arriving in the next few weeks.

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