Global Cloud Readiness

In their second annual Global Cloud Index, Cisco have predicted global datacentre traffic to reach 6.6 zettabytes of data annually by 2016, of which around two thirds – 4.3 zettabytes – of which will be cloud traffic.

However, whilst Cisco make equivilances to this 6.6 zettabytes (ie 16 trillion hours of business web conferencing), only 17% of data centre traffic is due to consumer usage. The majority of data centre traffic is due to internal data centre processes, such as storage, production and development data.

There are also regional implications for this trend, with Asia Pacific overtaking North America as the largest generator of cloud traffic. However, the fastest growing market in cloud traffic will be the Middle East and Africa, with a projected 79% combined annual growth rate.

However, the most interesting findings are on cloud readiness globally:

“the average network performance characteristics for the Middle East and Africa and Latin America can currently support intermediate cloud-computing applications such as high-definition video streaming and video chat application.

The average fixed broadband performance for Asia Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, and Western Europe can currently support advanced cloud-computing applications such as 3-D video streaming and high-end virtual office services.

From a mobile network perspective, only the average network performance characteristics for Western Europe were sufficient to support intermediate cloud-computing applications today.”

Read more detailed findings about the cloud readiness of individual countries here.

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