Information security for businesses

Information SecurityInformation security for businesses is as crucial for ever, and a new report from the UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills, carried out by PWC, has evaluated information security over the past year for both enterprises and SMBs in the UK.

They found that security breaches affecting UK businesses in increasing, with a 11% increase in security breaches in small businesses, with around 87% of SMBs affected, and an average of 17 breaches in the previous 12 months.

Whilst information security is generally seen as being important by businesses, and are budgeting appropriately for this, this does not always transfer into higher levels of security – partly due to poor communication, a lack of strong leadership and failure to conduct a risk assessment to evaluate the security situation in the business.

Hopefully this report will lead organisations to evaluate their current information security policies, and invest in services and processes to prevent a severe breach, which can cost businesses thousands of pounds.

Talk to your IT partner, who can walk you through the available options, and by using Cloud Profiler to assess your business and technical environment, will be able to confidently recommend an appropriate security service for you.

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