Moving everything to the cloud

Netflix have made steps to move 95% of their internal IT services to the cloud, and plan to completely move all of their IT operations out of their own datacentre, initially moving from 2500 virtual servers to just 50.

This is a logical step for Netflix, as their streaming service is already run from within the cloud – and therefore have developed management practices that fit in with a cloud based infrastructure.

Other companies, who have less experience or dependency on cloud services may be slightly more reticent. However, the benefits to Netflix are clear – to focus on providing services rather than maintaining hardware.

Whilst not all companies will aim to move 100% of their operations to the cloud in the near future, there are efficiency gains for businesses to move some of their services to the cloud – email, data storage and collaborative working applications being the logical first steps.

Have you explored how moving to the cloud can benefit your company?

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