New Cloud Music Service Launched by Microsoft

Microsoft have unveiled a new cloud service, Xbox Music, which launches tomorrow.

Replacing Zune, which struggled in the market, Xbox Music is described as an ‘all in one music service’, offering over 30 million songs to download or stream on various Windows devices, including on the upcoming Windows 8 releases, and on existing Microsoft products.

The service is a competitor to both iTunes and Spotify, with a similar pricing model to the latter, with an ad-supported free streaming service which can be upgraded to a premium unlimited streaming can be purchased for £8.99 per month. Furthermore, any track can also be bought and downloaded.

With so many competing mature and recent services , the challenge for Xbox Music (as it is for many cloud services) will be to provide a seamless multi device experience. Whilst Xbox Music will be the default music service on Windows 8, it remains to be seen whether it can unseat iTunes as the market leader.

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