New feature: PDF Reports

One of the most important things that we wanted to implement as part of this release was the addition of being able to download reports as a PDF, instead of just printing the report as a web page.

This means that we can keep all the formatting of the report, including the font and any graphics so the report looks exactly as it does in the web app. It will also keep your logo, which will be at the top of the first page, so your customer knows who the report has come from.

You can download the PDF directly and then print it off or attach it to an email, or if it’s easier, you can email it directly to whoever you want from the same page, so the customer can receive it, instantly.

We support PDF reports for all our assessments, including our bespoke ones – so if you want to easily create a professional report for your product or service, get in touch with us today, to book in a short demo and see how Cloud Profiler can benefit your organisation.

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