New Feature: Secure sites

One big change to how Cloud Profiler works is the addition of ‘secure sites’, subdomains which are specifically locked to organisations’ accounts.

For example, if you work for a company called Initech, and your secure site address is, then only users who are part of that company can log in at that address; a user from another company could not.

This provides an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorised logins, as well as keeping your brand and theme consistant.

This means that when you want to log in, you have to your secure site in order to log in – so it’s worth bookmarking that address so you don’t have to type it in every time. We recommend that you pick an easy to remember subdomain for your organisation, such as your organisation’s name or acronym.

However, if you do forget your name, don’t worry – just get in touch with our support team and they will you send a reminder.

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