New Release of Cloud Profiler

A Big Upgrade

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to bring you a brand new release of Cloud Profiler, completely rebuilt from scratch with feedback incorporated from our customers.

We did this to provide a better, simpler experience for users, with more (and updated) assessments and more features, metrics and better looking reports.

Today, we hit the switch and we are now live. You can sign up in 60 seconds right now and instantly start using the app.


We’ve rebuilt it responsively, so you can use it on any device; from your desktop in the office, to a tablet with a client; or even a smartphone if you’re on the move. With new assessments at launch, and even more on the way, it will make a huge difference in how you interact with your current and future customers.

We’ve restructured the site to make it more secure by using the HTTPS protocol, introducing secure sites for logging in, and integrating Stripe to handle credit card transactions. This means you can be assured your information and data is secure, wherever you access it from.

There are so many other new and expanded features, like smart metrics, assessment statuses, leaderboards, introducing customers to other partners, customisable colour schemes and news notifications. We’ll go into detail about these in more detail over the next couple of weeks.

What this means for you

This means there are some changes to how you access the legacy application, as well as how you pay for the new version (it’s even easier!) – most of these questions are answered on our support page or if there’s anything else, you can always email us or even send us a tweet.

We’re really excited about this next step and look forward for you to see what we’ve done, so you can know your customers better.

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