Security in the cloud

‘Security’ is often one of the first concerns raised when discussing a move to the cloud. However, there is evidence that suggests that this fear is ungrounded.

The IT firm Alert Logic have undertaken a number of surveys in regard to security within the cloud, with the first finding that :

Reviewing 12 months of operational data, including more than two billion events and over 60,000 security incidents, Alert Logic concluded that the cloud is inherently no less secure than the on-premise environment.”

This conclusion held true in the second study which you can read here. Both cloud and on-premise attacks were most likely to be web application or brute force attacks, but the incidence of these attacks was significantly lower within the cloud.

Furthermore, there was a more diverse range of attacks on on-premise environments, as opposed to the cloud – meaning that on-premise security has to be much broader in its scope.

Companies should also think beyond technology when it comes to security, and look at the people and the practices within their own company too.

Security is always a priority for businesses, but cloud evangelists must educate those who incorrectly assume that the cloud is inherently unsafe.

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