SMB IT Budgets in 2013

In a recent survey of IT professionals around the world, it has been found that IT investment in SMBs is expected to rise, with nearly 50% of the budget being spent on new projects, and an increasing amount invested in the cloud.

In 2013, as expected, one of the highest prioirites for IT budgets will be hardware – laptop, desktops and servers.

However, not far behind is a focus on virtualisation and software, with cloud-based services and mobile a bit further behind, with just under 20% of IT departments prioritising the cloud alongside buying new hardware.

As the cloud becomes a higher priority for SMBs, this is reflected in an increasing proportion predicted to be spent on cloud based services, mobile and virtualisation, up 4% from 2012 to 2013.

You can read the full findings on predicted SMB spending on IT and the cloud here.

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