Supercomputing through the cloud

SMBs (small and medium businesses) have long had expensive services out of reach due to their lack of resources. Projects that required massive amounts of processing power have only been accessible by large enterprises, which can afford to invest in supercomputers.

One example is fluid dynamics software for manufacturing modelling, which requires supercomputers to be most efficient, and so for many small and mid-size businesses this has been too expensive to be cost-effective.

However, this software can be made available in the cloud, providing processing power to SMBs, such as the MidPlus computing centre, funded and run by four UK universities, and made available to businesses over the cloud in the Midlands and London. An industry expert at IBM predicts that other supercomputing services will become part of the cloud computing market available to SMBs.

This high barrier to entry which restricts access to this kind of technology has been drastically been reduced, so now SMB manufacturers in the UK can model designs virtually, rather than construct a prototype to test.

Have you considered how moving part of your business to the cloud can reduce your expenditure?

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