The State of SMB IT

In a semi-annual report the State of SMB IT, Spiceworks have analysed market trends, statistics and opinions to produce insights into how IT is changing throughout the year for small to midsize businesses worldwide.

Some of their key finding, which will impact on IT purchasing decisions over the next 6-12 months are:

  • Increased budget – with most of the increased money available going to hardware and cloud services, rather than hiring
  • SMBs more likely to be using cloud services – the smaller the SMB, the more likely they are to use cloud
  • Increased server virtualisation – with the converse of the previous finding, larger SMBs are more likely to visualise servers
  • Increased use of tablets – tablets remain the fastest growing device being brought into organisations, now at a similar level to smartphones in terms of BYOD.

To find out more in depth details, you can download the Spiceworks State of SMB report, which will produce valuable insights into the CxO mentality when approaching selling cloud services.

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