Trends in email platform use

Statistics from the email marketing company, Campaign Monitor, show the trends of where people access their emails; from either the web, mobile and desktop. By tracking the emails send via the Campaign Monitor platform, they can track what type of email client they are using.

Since April 2012, mobile overtook desktop as the most used platform, and that trend has continued, with desktop in a shallow decline, and web use plateauing below that.

The breakdown of the specific client type within the three platforms is also interesting, with iOS devices in a clear lead in front of Outlook, with 35.6% share overall, compared to just over 20% for Outlook.

The consequences for email design and targeting are therefore clear, they must be compatible with mobile devices for maximum effect.

The broader implications of these patterns on BYOD are also interesting, as it infers that increasing amounts of people are using consumer platforms for work purposes. However, what is not known from these statistics is whether these emails are business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C).

Even assuming an even split of B2B and B2C for users of Campaign Monitor, it still shows that mobile simply cannot be ignored by marketing and businesses, not just for email but as devices become more powerful and enterprise compatible, it may be that more and more workers use mobile and tablets as their primary work device.

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