Reduce the sales cycle, improve conversion rates, sell more

    • ✓ assess, track, record and report on current customers and potential markets


    • ✓ unify the sales cycle, from telemarketers, resellers, tech pre-sales and business development


    • ✓ highlight opportunities for cross-selling and upselling in specific industries


    • ✓ share relevant information with deployment teams


    • ✓ performance dashboard for management and sales staff to refine strategy



Let Cloud Profiler help your sales team qualify and create Office 365 opportunities, even if they don’t have any or enough knowledge about the Cloud. Cloud Profiler is perfect for sales teams with staff turnover (reduces Cloud training required and decreases the take-up time). Put your best foot forward by telling the story in the order and using the wording that is most effective.


Formalise your Office 365 sales process. Analyse everything from assessment answer and report output trends to sales person activity and customer demographics. Cloud Profiler includes opportunity statuses personalisable to match your CRM statuses. It also enables you to integrate Cloud Profiler with your CRM system.


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