Next actions feed

To do list and opportunity tracking

When you create a new customer in Cloud Profiler and take an assessment, Cloud Profiler will set a ‘decision date’ for that customer – by default, one month in the future, but you can edit it to whenever is appropriate for that customer.

When you set a status against that assessment (won; lost; not proceeding; book a demo; proposal supplied), the assessment will appear in your ‘next actions’ feed on your dashboard, to remind you to follow up on that customer. You can then update the status against the customer to update your statistics on the dashboard, so you can see a breakdown of your sales performance.

By having a decision date and being able to set statuses against assessments, you can easily track customers who have been assessed, and follow those leads up.

Plus, when you take assessments and set statuses, you’ll move up the sales leaderboard on the homepage, so you can have some friendly competition in your office!