Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in and using the app

Where do I login to the app?
You can only login on your secure site, which you chose when you signed up. It looks like yourcompany.cloudprofiler.com. If you don’t know the address of your secure site, check your initial email confirmation or contact support who will be able to help you.


Do I have to log in on my PC or Laptop?
No. We know that it is just as likely you are not at your desk when you are taking assessments, so we have built Cloud Profiler responsively – it automatically resizes depending on which size device you are using. This means it has been designed to be just as usable and clear on your big screen at your desk, as it is on your iPad or other tablet, or even your smartphone. It looks just as good on a tablet as it does on a laptop, and is completely touch friendly. This means you can access it wherever you are, whether sitting at a desk or on the road with a customer.


How do the statistics on my dashboard work?
The main donut graph on your homepage captures information about the status of assessments. So if you have completed assessments for customers, don’t forget to go back and set the status. You are able to create your own statuses or use the default list of:

  • Won
  • Lost
  • Not proceeding
  • Book a demo
  • Proposal supplied


Plans and assessment credits

How many assessments do I get?
You can choose from our plans listed on our signup page. These are:

  • Starter – 10 assessment credits every month. £99 per month
  • Plus – 50 assessment credits every month. £320 per month
  • Premium – 300 assessment credits every month. £1000 per month
  • Contact sales to find out more about unlimited assessments, larger user numbers and personalised assessment templates.

To keep it simple, these assessment credits are valid for the whole organisation, not each individual user but you can see how many assessment credits your organisation has used on the dashboard.

When you get to 10% of the credits remaining, you will get a notification in the app and your administrator will receive an email notifying them.

Important: If you go over the amount of credits included in your plan you will not be locked out or prevented from taking assessments. Any further credits you use will be billed to you in arrears at the next billing period at the cost per assessment in your plan.


Are my credit card details safe?
Absolutely – we use SSL on the application itself which you can see on the signup page, so you know that any information sent when you’re using the app is authenticated and encrypted. Additionally, Stripe, the service we use to process credit card details is a secure, PCI Level 1 compliant service which safely stores credit card details and verifies details to prevent fraud.


How do you bill me?
You pay by credit card online through Stripe, due monthly. The first payment will be credited as soon as you create your account – unless you have a coupon. Our Unlimited plan has the option of invoicing, get in touch for details.


How much is each credit worth?
The value of each assessment is detailed in the description of the assessment. Generally, each assessment has a value of 1 credit but for the longer and more technical assessments the value may be 2 or more.


What branding will the assessment have?
The app and the assessment reports will carry your logo and you can choose the colour scheme for the app to match your brand in Settings. If you have an account sponsored by another organisation, you still can choose your logo and theme but you’ll see your parent organisation logo tucked away in the footer of each page.


Can we have our own assessment?
If you are interested in a custom assessment for your product or service contact us for details and a quote.



What results are your customers getting?
Typically, we are seeing in the region of a 20% success rate in conversion to a deal within 3 months. We would expect you to get a significant return on your investment.


How can I track sales performance?
Working on a simple permissions based model, all the data collected is visible depending on the relevant permission level. Partners can track the number and status of assessments, as well as the performance of individual sales staff. There’s also a mini league table on the dashboard, so users can see between them who is completing the most assessments. One of our newer features is a Comma Separated Values (opened using Excel) file export containing all the data related to the customer, assessor, assessment and report. You can use the Filter to define the data set you wish to export. This CSV export file can also be imported into Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce.


Can I still access the old version of the application?
No, this legacy system has been phased out.


Anything else?

Drop us an email at support@cloudprofiler.com and one of our team will get in touch with you.