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Two multibillion cloud company acquisitions in one day!

There were two multibillion dollar acquisitions of cloud companies on Tuesday by enterprises in the US. IBM have acquired SoftLayer Technologies, a privately held cloud computing group for around $2bn, adding to IBM’s cloud computing portfolio at a time when they are pivoting towards providing services to enterprises, of which cloud is becoming increasingly more […]

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Discovering benefits and challenges of cloud for businesses

A study from Rightscale, a cloud management company, gives some interesting information on cloud computing in the context of ‘cloud maturity’ and how this affects business practices. Cloud maturity is comprised of five sectors: No plans Cloud watchers – companies planning cloud computing Cloud beginners – companies in their first project Cloud explorers –  companies with […]

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Thinking about upgrading to Windows 8?

Windows 8 is nearly upon us, and for those businesses who are still using Windows XP, or even Windows Vista, you may be considering whether or not to upgrade to the latest major OS release from Microsoft. However, what some businesses may not know, is that a subscription to Windows Intune include upgrade rights to […]

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