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Cloud efficiency gains in the healthcare industry

Over at NPR, there is an article which explains how cloud computing can vastly improve efficiency when searching for new drugs and treatments. Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies can rent the required amount of processing power for tasks, rather than investing in supercomputers on site, which would only be used sporadically. One customer needed to virtually […]

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Cloud in the fishing industry

Are you uncertain as to whether the cloud can be beneficial to your industry? Watch this short case study about the fishing industry in Bari, Italy and see if it changes your mind!

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Supercomputing through the cloud

SMBs (small and medium businesses) have long had expensive services out of reach due to their lack of resources. Projects that required massive amounts of processing power have only been accessible by large enterprises, which can afford to invest in supercomputers. One example is fluid dynamics software for manufacturing modelling, which requires supercomputers to be […]

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