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EU Report on Cloud Security

A report from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) – responsible for improving network and information security and organising defence against cyberattacks in the EU – has described cloud computing as a “double edged sword”. Concerns… ENISA note that the more services and resources stored in data centres mean that an attack can […]

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US FISAAA Law and your data

These has been some concern over the revelation that a section in the US Foreign Intelligence Amendments Act (FISAAA) which allegedly allows US authorities to access data of non-US citizens on any cloud services run by US companies. How this will interact with EU law, and particularly the Safe Harbour Agreement, is something that was […]

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Moving everything to the cloud

Netflix have made steps to move 95% of their internal IT services to the cloud, and plan to completely move all of their IT operations out of their own datacentre, initially moving from 2500 virtual servers to just 50. This is a logical step for Netflix, as their streaming service is already run from within […]

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