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Adobe ditch physical copies of software

Adobe have announced that they have stopped producing physical copies of Creative Suite and Acrobat. Instead they will only offer those products online through the Abobe Creative Cloud. Along with the changes to Adobe Marketing Cloud, this change represents a ‘fundamental shift’ of strategy, according to Neil Morgan, the EMEA senior director of digital marketing, […]

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Cloud Collaboration Software for Businesses

Research firm Forrester recently released a study about strategies and directions of cloud collaboration software. The benefits of using cloud collaboration software allows companies to be more agile and responsive, eliminating update cycles, and enabling mobile and remote workers to be as productive as they would be in the office. With increasing market demand for […]

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Supercomputing through the cloud

SMBs (small and medium businesses) have long had expensive services out of reach due to their lack of resources. Projects that required massive amounts of processing power have only been accessible by large enterprises, which can afford to invest in supercomputers. One example is fluid dynamics software for manufacturing modelling, which requires supercomputers to be […]

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