Cloud News Roundup

Cloud News Roundup: 3 of the top Cloud stories from this week

Microsoft expand into China
Wired report that Microsoft have licensed two of their largest cloud services, Office 365 and Azure to the Chinese market, in order to obtain a slice of the expanding cloud market in China, estimated to grow to $3.8 billion in 2020.

Amazon cut cloud prices
Amazon Web Services (AWS) have annouced an 18% reduction for their virtual machines. This comes off the back of an outage in the previous week, but is not without precedent; it is Amazon’s 21st price reduction since launch in 2006.

Security company warn against cloud security
Stratsec, a subsidy of BAE, have reported that in a series of experiements, they were able to set up botnets on all five of the cloud services they tested, without raising alerts on the system or responses from the (unnamed) service providers.

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