The Cloud at CES

Whilst CES by its very nature is a hardware convention, how this hardware is integrated into the trends towards BYOD and cloud computing has not been ignored.

Nvidia displayed Nvidia Grid, a high-end server stack that allows 3D gaming to render directly to the cloud.

Cisco displayed a service that allow consumers to record TV shows into the cloud, as opposed to the traditional method of using a DVR. This means that content can be accessed from any device.

The presense of with their Marketing Cloud command centre demonstrates the ubiquitous nature of cloud serviecs, even at consumer electronics shows.

Despite these new products, whilst CES is still a huge draw for industry analysts, bloggers, designers and manufactueres, the absense of some of the most important names in consumer electronics has become a challenge to it’s relevance. As well as the decreasing importance of hardware in IT, as apps, software and services become the growth area for innovation, whilst hardware (with a few exceptions) becomes merely a vessel. However, these products show the importance of synthesis of hardware and services, which is likely to be the sweet spot for consumer electronics in the future.

Finally, a cloud-connected fridge.

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